Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ursus maritimus !!

I never dreamt that one day i would see Polar Bears !! The largest and the most powerful...and indeed one of the most beautiful predators on our Planet !!

The land of these Bears in strikingly simply numbs can these animals live and survive in such a harsh environment? We saw this female with her two small Cubs from far away...and she was hurrying to keep some distance between herself and a marauding male Bear!

This female was prowling the shores of an island searching for eggs of breeding Ducks...the closest we got to a Polar was one of the most exciting wildlife encounters in my life!!

This is my most favourite and enduring image from my Arctic Journey...a large male Ice Bear...surrounded by pack the Northern-most point on Earth i have reached..we had crossed 80 N latitude!! Just gaze at the sheer beauty of his habitat..with gentle Snow falling on him...simply mesmerising!!