Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Leh and getting to Hemis N.P

View of the stunning Himalayas from the window of the Airbus to Leh
When i looked out from the window on the flight from Delhi to Leh, i was mesmerised by the stunning views of the Himalayan peaks ! These peaks are completely covered in snow and are towering at some 25,000 feet and the aircraft seems to be just skimming over them! It was a sea of the great far as your eyes can see. I was told that it will be a great view and to insist on a window seat..but i was just not prepared to look at something so awe-inspiring!!

The Indus Valley
Soon we were flying over the broad Indus Valley, where the capital of Ladakh, Leh is located. The huge Airbus had to bank sharply to align itself with the runway and it landed without much fuss..Leh is one of the highest airports in the world at 3,500 mts and also a very challenging one for pilots to land and take-off, as it is surrounded by high peaks all around.

The Beautiful Indus River
After two days of acclimatisation in Leh, i took a taxi which drove me across the Indus drop me at the entrance to the Hemis National Park, from wherei was on foot for the next few days..exploring the truly unique habitat.

The road disappearing into a un-known Kingdom!
My favourite picture which shows the the last stretch of the road which took me to Hemis..i felt as if i am going to a mystical land..a land of mythical animals and creatures...which turned out to be so true!

At a modest board announcing the Hemis N.P
One of my dreams is to visit all the National Parks and WL Sanctuaries in India..with Hemis under my belt, i have a good feeling of being to all the prominent ones in India..right from Namdapha in the extreme East to Desert N.P in the extreme West..and many other amazing Parks in the rest of our amazing country. Hemis High Altitude N.P is spread over 3,350 sq.kms and is India's only N.P located north of the main Himalayan Mountain Range.

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