Friday, May 1, 2009

A Bold Peacock !

My luck with Cats continued after my Snow Leopard encounter! Back in Kanha, i saw this amazing sight of a bold Peacock walking right upto 20 feet of a big male Leopard drinking water! This happened at Umar Jhola waterhole, one hot afternoon. We first heard alarm calls of Langurs and Rhesus Macaque..after 2 minutes a big male Leopard walked out into the open and started to drink water. Then a Sambar called from a distance..the Leopard looked up very nervously and suddenly scrambled on to the nearby bund to hide in the tall grass! We expected a Tiger to walk up any moment! The Leopard waited for 15 long minutes before approaching the water again..this time he drank for a long time. Then this Peacock walked up..and came quite close to the Leopard, which went on drinking water and ignoring the intruder! This is an interesting behaviour as Peacocks are potential prey to Leopards..this one surely had some attitude!

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