Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kanha in Winter!!

Spring is already in Kanha..but i thought i should begin with a few of my select pictures taken in Kanha this winter. You can double click on these pictures to get an enlarged view.

A Handsome Barasingha favourite Deer

One beautiful winter morning in Kanha..i love to observe these delicate shafts of light..

Barasingha females..walking into the lovely Sondhar meadow; one of the best places in Kanha to see these elegant Deer

A herd of Sambar, which got chased into the Bishanpura waterhole by a pack of Dhole..

Whistling Teal or Tree Ducks

The rare Brown Wood Owl-so aptly named, as we can only find it in thickly wooded cover.

Roosting Brown Dusk Hawk Dragonflies (Zyxomma petiolatum)

A very special winter beauty-the Black Giant Wood Spider (Nephila kuhlii)

A curious 15 month old juvenile Tiger in Mukki!

A Barasingha Stag

Changeable Hawk Eagle feeding on a Coucal..which it had hunted in front of my eyes!

Common Stone Chat..a winter visitor to Kanha

Common Giant Wood Spider..preying on a Asiatic Blood-tail Dragonfly

Juvenile Peacock trying out it's skills!

Impressive Sambar Stag in it's best breeding condition

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