Friday, July 30, 2010

Kanha male-my last sighting of the season!

Two weeks before the Park closed for the monsoon, we drove to the Kanha guests..just me and my Naturalists. I was praying that i will have one last sighting (i was going away to other Parks in M.P) of my favourite Tiger..the majestic Kanha male!! And we got very lucky!! What a sighting we had!!

After hearing some distant Chital alarm calls..we saw the Tiger deep in the forest cover on the edge of the Kanha meadow. Then we watched him walk in the meadow in broad daylight...from almost a km away..and he walked straight to where we were waiting!! It was a perfectly planned position..plotted by Harsha...i was thrilled to watch his every move from my binoculars..which is such a luxury! I am normally clicking through a camera lens..What a sight he was!! I got goose pimples as he came so close to us...

He gave me one hard stare...and walked right past us..we could reach out and touch him if we wanted!! It was truly one of my most memorable Tiger encounters ever!! I was supremely lucky to end my last season in the Central Indian jungles with such a fantastic sighting of this most charismatic animal on the planet!!

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