Saturday, August 14, 2010

Masai Mara-here i come!!

The great plains of Masai Mara beckon me!! The site of the Great Migration-touted as the greatest Wildlife spectacle in the World is on right now!!
I am fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks in the Masai this year!! The first two weeks would be sheer host is a veteran wildlife photographer Michael, from S.Africa..he has a private land-cruiser and we camp out in the wild (a campsite on the fringe of the Park)..the whole day we are driving around watching and photographing animals and birds!! Then 12 photographers join me and Kalyan on a photo-safari!
Some photos from my last year's trip..which capture the magic of the great plains!

A male Ostrich in breeding can see how open the plains are...

One of my favourite birds in Africa- the incredible Secretary Bird!

A Lioness which just made a kill!

Then i have a side trip to Ethiopia-my first one to that lovely country,where i am trying to explore the Highlands--bye!
I am not sure if i will have the chance to post while i am there!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Sarath! Come back with great pictures and of course untold stories!