Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sloth Bear at last !!

After almost three years and countless safari drives in the jungles of Central India..i see my Sloth Bear ('Melursus ursinus') today morning in Kanha!! And what an un-expected sighting it was!! I just showed my Guests, Jill and Pearse..a great couple from California very interested in everything the Jungle has to offer, some fresh Sloth Bear droppings and as i drove off..there was this Sloth Bear about 25 meters ahead of us and sniffing at a Sal Tree..i just froze..could'nt believe my eyes..i could'nt even utter a word for 10 secs or so..and then shouted, 'Look, Sloth Bear!'. The Bear did not even notice us before venturing back into the Sal forest casually! The time was 9.35 am..such an un-likely time to see a Bear!! What an exhilarating encounter with one of my top favourite animals in the Indian Jungles!! And i managed to get this quick shot of it!

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steve anand said...

so lucky u r sir. just by reading ur words i can feel the level of adrenaline that wud have flown in ur nerves. and so lucky were the couples.