Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tetracerus quadricornis

This is an unique antelope whose scientific name fascinates means 'four horned four horn'!
(Tetra=four,keras=horn in Greek and quadri=four,cornu=horn in Latin!) Known as Chousingha in Hindi,it is a very shy animal and i was waiting to see it in Kanha for years! My chance came at last..last week..on the plateau of Bamhni Dadar,where the Park management had burnt grass as a preventive fire-fighting maesure..and the fresh flush of green shoots attracted these shy animals out. Some of my colleagues had seen a few and alerted me..two trips up to the plateau and i saw one male..and got this picture from a distance! The animal is about the size of a Muntjac and the males grow four small horns. They inhabit semi-open srub forest and prefer hilly areas, seldom away from a source of water. I was so lucky to see one..after a long wait!

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