Monday, August 24, 2009

The Great Serengeti Wilderness !!

We spent an amazing ten days in the vast wilderness of the great Serengeti, staying in 3 beautiful andbeyond camps. Some of the wildlife highlights:
A stunning African sunset!

A Lioness with 2 lovely Cubs..she just spotted a possible prey..

She began to stalk !!

She went like a bullet..and had this Zebra in her jaws in a flash! The young male of her pride joined her to bring it down..the Zebra was killed only after 5-7 minutes, after i took this picture!

A Leopard on a tree with her young cub! A rare sighting in Serengeti!!

Cheetah cubs!!

Following their mother to safety!

The rarely sighted Verraux's Eagle Owl !! Largest of the African Owls!

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Joseph said...

Hi Sarath,

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