Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mountain Gorillas of the Virungas !!

I just got back from Rwanda and Tanzania!! The encounter with the Mountain Gorillas of the Virungas, in Rwanda, will rank as one of my most exhilarating and memorable wildlife experiences of my Life !!
This is just a short peep into my experience..with a few i have such little time for embarking on my next adventure..this time to another dream Nature destination: Sumatra and Borneo!! Yeah..i am blessed this far as travel is concerned!!
The Park HQ of the Valcanoes National Park, near Ruhengeri,Rwanda.
Our trek to track down the Gorillas started from here..on 1st August..7am.

Francoise..the Silverback of all Guides in the Valcanoes Park!! He made all the difference to our trip..a fantastic Guide and an amazingly charismatic personality!! He has worked with Dian Fossey in the past and has 28 years of experience!! I am a firm believer that it is ultimatley the people (read Guides) who make the difference to your wildlife experience..wherever in the world..and i have been always lucky with getting great Guides!! Inshallah!!

A close-up of one of the young males or a Blackback!! We were tracking the Sabinyo group of nine Gorillas..which has among them the largest Silverback in the Virungas!!

One of the young the bamboo thicket..the light was a big challenge for photography!!

Sacola..the nine-month old baby!! It was amazing to see her and also learn about the the many young ones born every year in the Virungas!! Gives us some hope of the future of these amazing animals!

Sacola's mother! Fortunately the whole group moved to an open area to feed! But by then we ran out of our alloted one hour time!

Guhonda himself!! He weighs about 230 kgs and is over 38 years old..the biggest Silverback in the world!! It was a truly humbling experience to watch him..he was an epitome of Dignity mixed with subtle and quiet arrogance!! We had a very close and an intimate encounter with these gentle one time they passed within five feet of us!!

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dantuluri said...

big brother you are one lucky guy and with u even we are lucky we aregetting to see such fantastic photographs.sailu