Sunday, May 16, 2010

Magic of Bandhavgarh !

Bandhavgarh is a gem of a Park and despite the heat, the crowds and the unruly behaviour of some people, it still worth a visit! I spent 4 lovely days in this Park recently and was rewarded with some amazing sightings!

View of the surrounding jungle from the Fort, which is sadly ignored by most visitors! We saw very fresh Pug marks of the Dominant male Tiger, B2 on a hot summer afternoon..he had emerged from a deep pool of water, just before our jeep reached there and we could see droplets of water on his tracks...and i could 'feel' his presence!!
I have this strange bond with him..he always makes an appearance for me..and i was so thrilled that in my first drive itself..and that too in the most unlikely place..on top of the Fort, i saw his fresh Tracks!!

The 'new male' seen in Chakradhara meadow..the heart of B2's territory! He is B2's son and is about six years old and in prime condition! He is called, 'Bamera male' and is challenging B2 for his territory!!

He paused to scratch himself..with his tongue sticking out, he made a funny sight!

A young Tigress at Rajbehera..she is about 3 years old..and shares her mother's territory.

As we were watching the young female, her mother walked into the Rajbehera meadow!

She was obviously keen on a hunt and began to stalk some Chital and a few Sambar grazing not very far away !

She is so graceful and lithe in her movements..she has a new litter of 3 four-month old Cubs.

Checking out the position of the potential prey!

Spot the Tigress !!

She was within 20 meters of the unsuspecting Deer! We had to leave it was time..but i was sure, she made a kill after the light failed and gave her the advantage of darkness..

A beautiful Egyptian Vulture in flight...

The Mirchaini Cubs in action! The female made a dash across the small meadow! Their mother must have gone on a hunt..and they were shy and tentative..about 8-9 months old?

The male Cub was much bolder as he walked in the open...

The third Cub..another female...

A curious new-born infant..peering from the security of her mother's the strange new world! I am not sure if it knows that it is destined to have a lot of fun as a Langur! I always envy their fun-filled and carefree life in the jungle-there's never a dull moment!

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