Thursday, May 20, 2010

Panna birds and a Tigress !

Panna is an amazing place for watching birds..a well kept secret? For instance, this is one of the few Parks where you get to see 7 species of Vultures!! Four species are resident and are also breeding: Long-billed, White-rumped, Egyptian, Red-headed and both the Griffons-Himalayan and Eurasian plus the Cinereous have been spotted this winter!

The Eurasian Griffon-seen in April.

Young one of a Grey-Headed Fish Eagle in it's nest-on the banks of the pretty Ken River.

Painted Sandgrouse male!

Savanna Nightjar? So well camouflaged!

A beautiful steel-grey Oriental Honey Buzzard.

A Brown Fish Owl-with a fish it just hunted!

And a Tigress in the same pool at Dundhwa Seha-a prominent gorge in Panna ! This photo was taken by my Naturalist-colleague Hada, who managed to see this Tigress (translocated from Bandhavgarh) two weeks before she gave birth to 3 Cubs (May first week) and made National news! Fresh news..she gave birth to 4 Cubs!!

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